Chris Alden | Freelance copywriter

My copywriting moves the minds that matter.

More awareness? Better engagement? Better informed stakeholders?

Whatever your reasons for seeking a copywriter, my aim is to help you succeed.

My skills: clarity, accuracy, and a talent for explaining things simply.

Chris Alden, freelance copywriter

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• Twitter: @chrisalden

Member of the Professional Copywriters' Network

B2B copywriting

B2B copywriting is the cornerstone of my business. I write brochures, product pages, emails, blogs and more.

Website copywriting

I offer website copywriting, on subjects ranging from sustainability to brand positioning to tech.

Thought leadership

As an experienced former journalist, I can provide thought leadership pieces on a range of complex themes.

Business reporting

Win stakeholder confidence with clear and focused reporting – from your annual report to your CSR report.

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