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Develop business relationships – with highly targeted B2B copywriting

In B2B marketing, building relationships is all-important. It’s often your understanding of your clients’ needs – as much as the solutions you provide – that helps set your business apart.

As a B2B copywriter, I understand this. That’s why I aim to write copy that ‘rings true’ to your client – whether you’re creating traditional collateral such as case studies and white papers, or creating a digital content strategy that sells.

Using research and creative skills, I dig deep to discover the challenges your business buyers face – and how those form your proposition and become the essence of the story you tell.

Meanwhile, my background as a journalist – in the trade press and at a well known broadsheet newspaper website – means I’m expert at writing B2B staples such as case studies, articles, brochures, digital copy and long copy of all kinds.

If you need a B2B copywriter, have a look at some examples of my work – and get in touch.

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My B2B copywriting services

I provide a range of traditional B2B copywriting services, from case studies and white papers to brochures and web copy. I am also happy to help with corporate reports for B2B brands.

But I go deeper than that. I can also help B2B brands define their messaging and content style, as part of a customer-led content strategy.

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Chris Alden, freelance copywriter Member of the Professional Copywriters' Network Member of CharityComms

From my portfolio

I worked on the 2015/16 graduate recruitment brochure for Freshfields, the law firm – and also adapted the content for digital.

I helped create a bespoke direct-mail brochure for Euronext Market Solutions, the market technology team at Euronext.

I wrote a series of technology service sheets for Jisc, which provides digital services to research and education