Sustainability copywriting for Sainsbury’s

How I helped bring sustainability stories to life on the Sainsbury's corporate website, in a project for editorial specialists Content Consulting

Sainsbury's shop front, to illustrate article about Sainsbury's copywriting

Writing engagingly about sustainability can be a challenge.

Yes, key performance indicators (KPIs) matter – but so do authentic stories about how you and your people are working to put values at the heart of your business.

So when I was commissioned to write a series of case studies and news articles for the Sainsbury’s corporate website, I worked hard to bring sustainability stories to life.

Working with Rebecca Dowman from Content Consulting, I wrote and edited more than a dozen case studies on topics ranging from literacy to animal welfare to saving water.

Content that’s easy to read

A key part of bringing a story to life is to make sure it’s easy to read. So before submitting copy, I ran an internal check to ensure the copy scored well on the Flesch Reading Ease scale.

This meant using short words and short sentences where possible – helping Sainsbury’s to use language in a clear, straightforward way that reflects the retailer’s brand.

Producing the goods

In a large content project, sometimes the writer needs to get involved with content production as well as writing.

So I didn’t only write headings and body copy, but also chose the relevant pull-out figures and pull-out quotes – and in some cases the images – that helped bring Sainsbury’s sustainability stories to life.

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