Print and digital copywriting for Freshfields

Brochure and web copy for a graduate recruitment campaign of Freshfields in the UK

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Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, one of the world’s most successful law firms, wants to attract graduate trainees with the potential to be top international lawyers.

But when candidates consider applying to join a firm such as Freshfields, they often have more questions than answers.

So Freshfields’ marketers asked me to write engaging copy that would demystify the application process and explain the benefits of joining Freshfields – while showing what life at the firm is like.

The copy was to appear in both print and web versions.

Print copywriting

Freshfields’ print brochure was based on the “eight things” a candidate needs to know about the firm – a concept developed by the creative team at Conran Design Group to help promote Freshfields’ unique selling point for graduates, its flexible eight-seat training contract.

I helped develop the synopsis for the print version, helping establish the natural “flow” of content within the brochure.

I conducted interviews with Freshfields’ lawyers, marketers and graduate recruitment team, in an effort to unpick how the graduate application process works, and explain it from the candidate’s point of view.

I provided copy samples in order to help establish the appropriate tone of voice.

This groundwork meant that I was able to supply the print copy for the brochure on time – before working with Freshfields on editing and proofreading as the project neared sign-off.

Digital content

For the campaign website, I used my skills in digital copywriting to create a web-optimised version of the content.

My first job was to help organise the digital content to reflect the “journey” of a prospective candidate, from initial interest to making an application. This meant editing some content down, while including extra detail on other pages.

I also helped optimise content using on-page techniques such as:

• Writing teaser copy

• Using shorter paragraphs that work better on mobile devices

• Adding hyperlinks to help with cross-referencing

• Using extra subheads to break up copy

• Writing descriptive metadata, to help promote each page on search engine results pages (SERPs).

A day in the life of a Freshfields lawyer

A key part of the brief was to give candidates a window into the working day of a Freshfields lawyer, through a Day in the Life feature.

I interviewed three Freshfields trainees and one newly qualified lawyer, creating four “day in the life” pages that help show what Freshfields graduates do from morning coffee to going home at night.

All four appeared on the web, and one also appeared in the print brochure.

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