Reliable web copywriting lifts cloud launch

Case study: when a web copywriter ‘just gets’ your brand and service, it saves time and energy – and keeps things running smoothly. Here’s how I helped Layershift

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As a client-focused web host, Layershift seeks to sell its services simply – to help businesses know what they’re getting for their money.

So when it launched Enscale, a new hosting service for Ruby developers, it needed web copywriting which was succinct and clear, from a copywriter it could trust.

The new website was to present Enscale as a reliable, developer-focused service, and encourage sign-ups for a free trial.

That meant finding the right web copywriting service – from a freelance copywriter who could not only understand Enscale, but write in plain English about its benefits.

Solution: web copywriting from Chris Alden

At first, Layershift prepared a brief – and sent it to a shortlist of content writers.

The brief broke down the website page by page, and set out the benefits of using Enscale for hosting.

When I received the brief, I could see that Layershift had thought clearly about their brand proposition. This would save me time – and meant I could quote within Layershift’s budget.

As part of my quote, I suggested a discovery call to focus on more advanced queries, in line with my copywriting process. Soon after this, Layershift chose me for the project.

My service: working to understand Layershift and Enscale

When it comes to technology copywriting, a vital part of the service is to understand the product and its benefits to clients.

I did background research into the hosting sector, then sent technical questions in advance of the call. I used time with the client to understand both technology and the audiences.

“The discovery call was straight and to the point,” says Andrea Rákosfalvy, project manager at Layershift. “Chris Alden’s understanding of who we are, and what we would like to do, proved he was the right person for the project.

“The depth of research saved us a lot of time, as we didn’t have to explain web hosting from scratch.”

When writing the web pages, the call proved valuable – helping me to structure the content and express benefits clearly, as Layershift needed.

I also considered ways to organise data-heavy elements – such as the Enscale pricing page.

Here I suggested using subtle, accordion-style links to explain the pay-as-you-go pricing structure in a clear way.

Benefits: reliable web copywriting, on brand and on budget

When I provided a first draft to Layershift, they were happy with the work. Snappy taglines and short paragraphs helped create the tone the company was looking for.

Layershift requested simple revisions, which I was happy to provide, and the project moved quickly to the next stage.

“Chris helped us to keep the project timeline on track,” explains Andrea.

The Enscale website went live in the autumn of 2020, and now offers Ruby hosting to developers and businesses – with clear and succinct web copy.


Case study summary

“Chris understood us from the get-go. We loved the snappy taglines and short paragraphs, as well as the tone of voice. The first draft only needed a couple of changes to be exactly what we were looking for.”

Andrea Rákosfalvy, project manager, Layershift

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