Web copywriting helps build consultancy brand

How B2B web copywriting from Chris Alden helped Exclin, a high-tech consultancy

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When you run a technical business in a competitive sector, it’s critical to make sure your clients understand the value you offer – and what sets you apart from the rest.

That was the brand challenge facing Exclin, a consulting firm offering expertise in “system thinking” – an innovation approach with its roots in engineering and technical applications in multiple industries.

So when it came to building the Exclin website, CEO Gonzague Leruth approached Chris Alden, an experienced freelance writer, for copywriting help.

“I regarded web content is a key differentiator for Exclin as a consulting business,” says Gonzague.

Benefit to Exclin: promoting services with clarity

For Gonzague, the key benefit of using Chris was the ability to create a website with clear, well structured, high-quality content – building credibility for Exclin as it launched its consultancy business.

“Overall Chris brought clarity and effectiveness to a complex set of inputs,” Gonzague explains.

But there was another underlying benefit, which any entrepreneur or product manager will recognise – which is that the very process of engaging a copywriter can also help to clarify both the proposition and the positioning of the brand.

“I appreciated Chris’s ability to challenge my perspective of the offer that was being built, including his efforts to understand Exclin’s market and clients,” says Gonzague. “His feedback helped me to nurture my business vision.”

The solution: simple, benefit-led copywriting

To inform the writing process, Gonzague sent Chris a large amount of information on the technical services Exclin provides and the kinds of companies it can help.

Chris worked on distilling this information to its essential points – that is, the key benefits that Exclin offers, depending on the service it is offering and the sector of the client.

That meant providing an “end-to-end” web copywriting and editing service – from structural work at the start, through to on-page SEO to help promote Exclin within search engine results.

“Chris started our collaboration with practical suggestions on ways to structure content,” explains Gonzague. “He supplied inspiring copy, while being careful to preserve the accuracy and cohesiveness of ideas. He supported his work by writing engaging search-engine meta descriptions – and appropriate cross-references between pages.”

Case study summary

"Thank you for the high-quality work you have produced, which has helped to promote Exclin and to develop our vision"

Gonzague Leruth, CEO, Exclin

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