Charity annual report and review writing

I help you steer through the complex process of creating your charity annual report or annual review – and can also help with your impact report.

“It’s that time of year again.” When you work in charity marketing, you can be forgiven for feeling a little queasy when the annual report or annual review comes around.

Essentially, it’s your job to demonstrate the difference your charity has made over the reporting year – and it isn’t always an easy task to gather and present all the info you need.

That’s why you need a copywriter who can help you steer through the editorial side of the process – and write an engaging, people-focused report or review that gets key messages across.

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Report copywriting: how I help

As a former broadsheet journalist and CharityComms member, I’m well placed to help you write your charity annual report or review.

I’m skilled at handling sensitive issues, complex statistics and technical topics – to create a document written with the needs of your stakeholders in mind.

In practical terms, I can:

• help develop a clear but flexible synopsis for your charity annual report
• help create a plan for your project, including research and timetables
• write the report to deadline, working with you and your designers
• edit and/or proofread work written by others, to reduce the risk of mistakes.

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Types of report I can help with

Different charities, of course, take slightly different approaches to the reports they choose to produce. You may need help with any of the following:

Charity annual reports
Charities must publish a formal, trustees’ annual report – and there are strict requirements to meet, as set out in the UK Charities SORP.

As a copywriter with a journalism background, I see the formal annual report as far more than a box-ticking exercise.

I can help you demonstrate the value of what you do to stakeholders – by drawing a line from activities to outcome and impact.

Charity annual reviews
Traditionally, your charity annual review is a more “people-facing” document than the annual report.

Your goal is to create a document that demonstrates the difference you made as a charity over the year. As a copywriter, I can help you do this – and help win the confidence of donors and stakeholders.

Impact reports
Many charities are now choosing to publish impact reports – which aim to demonstrate the difference you make in explicit, quantitative terms.

The goal, of course, is to clarify the link between what you do and the impact you have – and with my editorial experience, I can help you achieve this.

Research reports
As a charity or non-profit, you may also publish other research-based reports, either on an annual basis or throughout the year.

If you publish research reports, contact me for editorial support. I have the skills to help you get your messages across.

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Chris Alden, freelance copywriter Member of the Professional Copywriters' Network Member of CharityComms