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Need to change the way you think about your content? Time to refine your content strategy.

Choices, choices. If you’re managing marketing for a brand, or working on a copy-led project, you’re confronted with a seemingly limitless array of content options.

Countless social media channels to choose from. Countless content marketing systems, platforms and tactics. Countless technologies purporting to make your life easier. Countless agencies and consultants ready to help.

Have I even mentioned the countless distractions in your working day?

But if there’s one thing you do need amid the onslaught of content choices, it’s the time to think.

To make the right content choices, you need to step away from the fray and get to grips with something more fundamental: your content strategy.

Why content strategy?

The point of content strategy is to help you narrow down your options for your content.

It’s about revisiting your brand platform and asking yourself – in a quiet moment – who you are as a brand, and how you intend to communicate that, with what target audience in mind.

When you start doing that honestly, you start ruling out content options that don’t apply to you, and your efforts gain focus.

The fundamental thinking you do now will inform the decisions you make further down the line – from the language you choose to the content marketing tactics you deploy, from the writers you use to the subjects you choose to write about.

And even though the two aren’t quite the same thing, an effective content strategy will form the basis for an effective content marketing strategy, too.

Much of this work, of course, is down to you. In order to move forward you need to know yourself – so you can choose the best plan from the paths ahead.

But you also need someone who can ask the right questions and recommend a strategy that fits your goals. That’s where a content strategist comes in.

Content audits

Once your basic strategy is in place, a content audit can help you work out how well – or, if you’re unfortunate, how badly – your website reflects your content goals.

The idea is to help you get the most from your existing content, establishing what’s working for you and what’s not.

Content audits can be time-consuming, so, for larger sites, it’s often a good idea to conduct a representative audit rather than launching straight into an audit of an entire site.

I offer content audits with not just analytical data, but qualitative insights gleaned from my experience as a freelance copywriter.

Together, we’ll generate a concrete plan that you can apply to your content going forward – including immediate action points on how your website can be improved.

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