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Position your brand – with corporate brochures that capture the essence of who you are.

Creating effective corporate brochures can be a complex task.

That’s often because you have a lot to say. You want to introduce your brand to your stakeholders, capturing the essence of who you are as an organisation.

From a marketing point of view, you also want to sell the benefits of key products, services or activities. And, of course, you want to ensure readers are motivated to contact you.

Achieving this in a single document isn’t as simple as it looks.

It involves putting yourself in your customers’ shoes, making your messages as relevant as possible – and organising those messages so that they flow smoothly through the document.

To help you do this, you need a content expert who can help you with planning as well as content creation – bringing clarity as well as creativity to your finished brochure.

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Brochure copywriting: how I help

As an experienced writer and editor, I can of course write creative copy – but it’s often the strategic clarity that makes the difference. That’s why I:

• advise on the strategy that underpins your brochure – helping you target relevant messages to your audience
• advise on content flow and arrangement
• work with your designer on content-related design decisions – so that content and design work together rather than compete

So when you’re working on a large content project such as a brochure, remember that a good brochure copywriter isn’t only a creative copywriter.

Using me as your copywriter helps you plan your copy and make the right calls – so you develop a clear, focused brochure that can meet your business goals.

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My portfolio

I worked on the 2015/16 graduate recruitment brochure for Freshfields, the law firm – and also adapted the content for digital.