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Demonstrate your wider purpose – with my CSR report copywriting and copy-editing services.

In corporate communications, you know how vital it is to be clear about your organisation’s strategy – to deliver key messages to investors, stakeholders and your team.

Clear reporting on corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important part of that mix.

It’s your chance to share a broader purpose as an organisation, help underpin cultural change, and demonstrate depth of vision in the context of the wider challenges we face.

That can be a serious business – but it’s also a chance to communicate positively about the future.

If you need someone who can handle technical detail with accuracy – while handling key, future-facing messages with a light touch – please contact me about my CSR report copywriting service.

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How I help

As a former broadsheet journalist, I’m a good choice for a sustainability content project or CSR report.

I’m skilled at writing copy on sensitive or controversial themes, handling complex technical data along the way.

I write clearly and accurately, making difficult topics accessible to readers – and I’m good at organising content so that key messages stand out.

I also have experience in sustainability copywriting. Working via agencies, I’ve written corporate sustainability copy for large businesses; and I’ve written B2C copy on environmental themes for a range of smaller brands.

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CSR copy-editing

Do you have a draft of a CSR report that isn’t quite hitting the mark? Perhaps you have technical copy written by a CSR expert – but it needs redrafting to meet your stakeholders’ needs?

If so, consider my CSR report copy-editing service. I can take dry, confusing or complex copy and make it clear and accessible – helping remove errors and inconsistencies along the way.

Sound useful? Then simply send your draft to me, on a confidential basis. I’ll then take a look and let you know how long it will take to fix.

With an experienced copy-editor doing the job, your rewrite might cost less than you think.

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