English-language editing for global teams

An English-language editing service for global teams

Global teams need to be able to write well in English, the language of business and commerce. But that isn’t always easy to achieve.

So you may need the services of an English-language copy-editor – to get your point across as clearly as you can.

If you have been sent an English-language document that needs work, please send it to me for copy-editing.

Or if you’ve written something in English and think it could be better, please get in touch to ask what I can do to help.

I edit copy on topics from tech to sustainability to finance  – helping make messaging as clear as it can be.

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Why I offer this service

As a talented writer and editor, I have the skills to help you get your point across in English.

My interest in languages means I’m often able to spot what a writer might mean when they make mistakes in English – or when the meaning in English is not quite what the writer intended.

I have great respect for people who can write in a second language – and I’m delighted to work with subject specialists to help make an English document as clear as it can be.

I can also work with professional translators to edit or proofread documents that have been translated from other languages.

I’m happy to edit into different global styles of English, as your organisation requires.

If you manage content or publications for a global team – or you have an English-language document which needs editing – please get in touch.

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I look forward to hearing how I can help.

Chris Alden, freelance copywriter Member of the Professional Copywriters' Network Member of CharityComms