Corporate copy-editing for Content Consulting

How Content Consulting, a corporate editorial specialist, turns to Chris Alden for short-notice business copy-editing

Chris Alden, freelance copywriter

Busy editorial teams often need copy rewriting to meet tight business deadlines – and corporate specialist Content Consulting is no exception.

The consultancy regularly needs short-notice copy-editing for its large B2B and B2C clients – and turns to Chris Alden to do the job.

With his experience as a business writer, Chris can edit copy for Content Consulting about a range of sectors, from technology to sustainability to health.

And thanks to his background as a medical sub-editor, he is able to edit highly technical copy to the tight deadlines that the consultancy demands.

Working for Content Consulting, Chris has:

Rewritten reports for global teams
When one international client needed a rewrite of a specialist report, Content Consulting called in Chris – and he worked weekends to help put it right. The result: more clarity, more focus, and better engagement with the reader.

Written copy to a defined tone
Large organisations often have well defined guidance on brand language. For one global client, Chris followed tone-of-voice guidelines to write digital copy in a customer-facing style. Chris supplied the copy in batches, as requested by Content Consulting, to help keep the project on track.

Edited copy for public-facing websites
The draft copy for one client’s public website was academic and technical – so Content Consulting asked Chris to rewrite it into simpler English, more suited to the audience. Chris turned this project around in a matter of days.

As part of the project, he also helped to reorganise the sitemap and optimise the content for digital.

What the client said

“Chris is a very valued colleague. His writing and editing are both of a very high standard and he is efficient, reliable, smart and good-humoured. I have been very pleased with all of the work he has done for us.”
Rebecca Dowman, Content Consulting

Contact Chris

• Do you need help editing a website, report or white paper? Chris Alden can take your copy and rewrite it to suit your audience, often within tight deadlines.

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