Energy infographics for EDF Energy

Infographics about electricity generation, produced by Cream Publishing for EDF Energy

Chris Alden, freelance copywriter

The Pod, from EDF Energy, helps young students to understand energy, science and sustainability. This series of infographics, written by Chris Alden for Cream Publishing, explains how electricity is produced from four energy types: wind, solar, nuclear and fossil fuels.

Each of the infographics takes a potentially complex topic and divides it into simple, bite-sized chunks – making it understandable to the school-age reader.

It includes plenty of interesting facts and unusual statistics (for example, how many atoms are there in the human body?) and it refers, where possible, to the world around us: the gearbox on a wind turbine, for example, is explained by analogy with the cogs on a bicycle wheel.

• Chris Alden is a freelance copywriter, available to write on topics from technology to business trends.

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