Technology advertorials for Carphone Warehouse

Phablet advertorials, written by Chris Alden for the Guardian and Carphone Warehouse

Chris Alden, freelance copywriter

You have a phone, you have a tablet: is it time to buy a phablet? These advertisement features, part of a series written by Chris Alden for the Guardian and the Carphone Warehouse, introduce the next generation of ‘phablets’ – devices which are halfway between a smartphone and a tablet PC – to Guardian readers.

The features explain what a phablet is and what you can do with one – whether you’re into film or music, or whether you’re a creative professional who needs a portable phone-tablet hybrid on the move.

Featuring advice from a Carphone Warehouse expert, they introduce a selection of phablets on the market, and explain how you get around the issue of holding such a large phone to your ear (solution: get a Bluetooth headset).

The features also appeared on the Guardian/Carphone Warehouse Mobile Living microsite.

• Chris Alden is available as a writer of feature articles for content agencies and marketers.

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