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Create effective landing pages that convert your leads and prospects.

We all admire a good landing page. To put it in sporting terms, it’s the centre-forward of the digital world: content that converts.

But creating a successful landing page is harder than it looks.

It’s not just about having a great design, a killer headline and a slick call to action (CTA).

As the climax of a customer journey, it also needs to work effectively with the rest of your content – to make sure that your copy addresses your customer need with laser-sharp clarity.

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How long should a landing page be?

How long your landing page should be depends on how much work you need the page to do.

If your landing page is the last stage of a customer’s journey through your email or web marketing, then you may only need a few paragraphs of tightly crafted copy.

But if a lead is arriving at the page without having visualised their own challenge, or without knowledge of your company or sector, then you have more explaining to do.

That’s when you need a longer landing page that can run to 500, 1,000 or in some cases even 1,500 words of copy.

Landing pages: how I help

I write landing pages that help meet your content marketing goals.

I’ll work with you to make sure that the copy is appropriate for where your customer is in their journey, at the moment they arrive on the page.

That way, it should be engaging and relevant – and able to convert.

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Fact file: case studies

Objective: Conversion at the end of a marketing campaign, e.g. sales or lead gen
Tactic: Persuasive copywriting to achieve conversion
Format: Web
Length: Depends on stage of customer journey

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