Product sheet copywriting

Reinforce B2B sales messaging with clear and effective product sheets or service sheets, in PDF or web form.

In B2B marketing – and particulary tech – the product sheet or service sheet is an essential sales tool.

Clients want to see a PDF document or web page that drills down to the key benefits of a particular product or service – often in more detail than a high-level brochure.

I’m highly experienced at writing product pages like these – to help you make B2B and technology sales.

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Product sheets: how I help

Great copywriting is about selling the benefits. So when I write a product sheet for you, I won’t just be parroting a list of your product’s features.

Instead, I’ll create benefit-led content that echoes the key messages your tech sales team will be delivering – in order to reinforce vital, client-facing points that could lead to a sale.

Of course, this means having an understanding not only of your technology, but also the people buying it and using it – and I work to help make that happen.

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Fact file: product and service sheets

Objective: Support your sales team
Tactic: Sell the benefits of individual products or services
Format: PDF/web
Length: Typically 700 words (about 2 pages in PDF)

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