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Add impact and clarity to your research – with professional research report copy-editing

Busy marketing teams often produce survey-based, PDF reports – to demonstrate expertise, attract interest or add value to clients and stakeholders.

But sometimes, these reports don’t get the attention the research deserves. Usually, that’s not for the want of subject knowledge.

The problem is often that your report may lack impact and clarity – making take-home messages difficult to understand.

If you’re a marketer, that causes two problems. First, your audience may be put off reading the report. And second, without underlying clarity, it’s difficult for you to promote it with impact.

That’s why it’s so important to commission a skilled copy-editor – not just to bring external clarity for your reader, but to bring the internal clarity you need to do your job.

Without skilled copy-editing, you can get into a ‘revision loop’ as you send your report round the houses – never realising that you’re facing an editing problem, not a problem of expertise.

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Research report copy-editing: how I help

As an experienced copy-editor, I can bring clarity and focus to your research reports – helping you meet your deadlines, and saving money and time on needless revisions.

At the same time, I can help to:

• engage your target audience – by targeting the tone and content of your report to your reader
• make sure the report is actually read – by using headings, summaries and pullouts to ‘signpost’ your copy and make it easy to follow
• avoid mistakes – by checking data, fixing typos and ironing out ambiguities
• avoid copyright problems – by checking references and staying on the lookout for plagiarism
• save time worrying about grammar points – by offering expert advice on English style

So if your reports seem to take ages to move through draft stages, tying up time in the process, it’s time for a shift in approach. Instead, bring in a copy-editor with the skills to move your project forward.

As a copy-editor, I’ve edited reports and documents for professional service firms, agencies, and multinational corporations. I also offer affordable rates to charities and global development bodies.

To find out more about my rates and what I can do for you, contact me today.

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