B2B copywriting

Target copy specifically to B2B clients – with a professional B2B copywriter

More prospects? More clients? Better informed buyers? Whatever your reasons for seeking a B2B copywriter, my aim is to help you succeed.

To do this, I seek to understand three things: first, your client’s needs; second, your products or services; and third, your content goals.

With this knowledge, I write B2B copy which sells the benefits of your services, clearly and accurately – across a wide range of B2B formats.

Target copy – by understanding your client

In B2B, great marketing is focused tightly on the client. The client has specific needs – and hopes your product or service is able to meet them.

So you need a B2B copywriter who can form a picture of your client and their knowledge about your product – including where they are in the sales journey when they read your copy.

That way, you can target sales and marketing copy to your clients’ needs – and increase conversions.

Sell benefits – by understanding your services

In B2B marketing, your goal is to sell your benefits. So your B2B copywriter should have an understanding of your products or services.

As a copywriter, I’ve often written about technology including cloud, security and networking; sustainability, from carbon emissions to plastics to animal welfare; and countless specialist topics.

That said, if you need to sell high-level benefits, don’t get hung up on finding a writer with deep sector knowledge. The important thing is to find a copywriter who can ask the right questions, write clearly, and sell benefits from a business point of view.

Select formats – by understanding your goals

What are your content goals? Is it to raise awareness, attract traffic or generate leads? Are you seeking to strengthen your brand – or drive short-term sales?

Different content formats can help meet different goals. So, as a B2B copywriter, I write in a range of formats.

See my copywriting services page for an overview of the services I offer, from case studies and white papers to core web pages and PDF brochures.

Some of the brands I’ve written for

I’m an experienced B2B copywriter. In recent years I’ve written B2B technology copy directly for large organisations such as Jisc and Backbase – along with other firms in the enterprise technology and professional services sectors. And I work for smaller businesses too: here’s how I helped Layershift with cloud hosting aimed at developers.

Of course, I can’t name all my clients publicly, so if you need experience in a particular B2B sector, by all means contact me.

Get in touch

When you’re ready to start the conversation, please feel free to get in touch or send me a brief. I look forward to hearing how I can help.

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