Charity copywriting

When you work in marketing for a charity or non-profit, you know the importance of your role to the charity’s work.

The idea, of course, is to create that elusive ‘virtuous circle’. Demonstrate the great work your charity does, and they’ll trust you to do more of it – making a bigger difference to the communities you’re aiming to help.

Communicating well can also help your charity improve – because telling others about your goals helps you focus on what’s needed to meet them.

That’s the theory. The reality, of course, is never quite that simple.

One practical challenge is commissioning a writer who can get under the skin of your audience – understanding their needs and ambitions, to help get a conversation started.

That’s why you need me. As a freelance charity copywriter and CharityComms member, I act as an advocate for your audience – to help ensure content is written with the target reader in mind.

My experience is in technical topics such as science, technology and the environment. And I use this experience to provide high-quality copywriting services at reasonable rates – with a focus on creating copy that solves the challenges of your audience.

Charity copywriting: how can I help?

As a reliable and experienced writer and editor, my goal is to help you make a difference with the resources at your disposal. That’s why I:

Take time to understand your audience
It takes real effort to get to know your audience – including their challenges, needs and expectations.

I invest time in this because it’s the only way to write copy that’s relevant, engaging and useful.

Help you steer through complex projects
When you’re creating a data-focused report or working in a specialist sector such as science or tech, you need a writer who can handle the technical side – while still making the copy accessible to the intended audience.

This is where I come in. I help unravel complexity and write in language your audience understands. (Have a look at some of the sectors I can cover.)

Rely on 20 years of experience
I’ve worked as a writer and editor for 20 years, starting out as a trainee sub-editor in healthcare journalism in 1997.

That means I have a wealth of practical experience to rely on – and if I haven’t come across your problem before, I’m sure to have run into something similar.

Charity copywriting: the benefits
Test tubes to illustrate charity copywriting