HR and recruitment copywriting

Share your insights about the changing workplace – to drive traffic and credibility

As a marketer in the recruitment or HR sector, it’s your job to market your expertise to your clients. So you need a copywriter who can write confidently about the world of work.

Yet the workplace is changing fast.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, remote working has changed life for office-based employees. Part-home, part-office “hybrid working” is set to become a reality for many – as is the impact that tech will have on our wellbeing at work.

At board level, digital transformation and climate change mean companies are seeking leaders with new capabilities. It’s not enough to be able to read a balance sheet; leaders need to understand cyber risks and Scope 3 emissions too.

Diversity and inclusion, meanwhile, have become an essential part of our daily conversation. And no wonder, when bestselling authors such as Matthew Syed argue that diverse thinking is a powerful tool for success.

And all the while the labour force is changing: these days roughly 15% of UK workers are – like me – self-employed.

So how do you show your expertise in the rapidly changing world of work? How do you demonstrate leadership?

Answer: you need a content writer who is able to handle these themes – as part of your marketing strategy.

HR and recruitment copywriting: my experience

I’m the writer you need – because I’ve been writing about work for years.

As a journalist 15 years ago, I contributed regularly to Rise, a Guardian supplement on graduate jobs and careers. This article, on making the transition from student life to the 9–5 working day, is one of my favourites.

Since then I’ve written (more formally) about talent and diversity for both content agencies and commercial clients.

For example, I edited a white paper on digital leadership in the new economy for The MBS Group, an executive search boutique. And I wrote a graduate recruitment brochure for the law firm, Freshfields.

And of course, as a freelancer, I understand what it means to work from a home office, remote from clients. I’ve been working this way for roughly 20 years.

How I can help you

As a copywriter, I can help you in many ways.

If your goal is sales, I can use my understanding of your sector to help you write your web pages, sales sheets and brochures. I do this by working to understand your business – and articulating the benefits you provide.

Or, if you need to build a persuasive argument, I can write articles, blog posts, white papers and more. These tools can help you to build credibility.

For more info on HR and recruitment copywriting, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

HR and recruitment copywriting: the benefits
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