SaaS copywriting

Sell the benefits of your cloud software service, clearly and succinctly

As a company offering software as a service (SaaS), you help transform how your clients use tech. But to attract clients, you need an experienced SaaS copywriter.

As a writer who’s promoted many cloud products and services, I can work closely with you to understand the benefits of being your client – so you can make sales.

I do this by understanding your business – and then selling the benefits to your clients.

SaaS copywriting: how I help

As a technology copywriter, I recognise that clients might want SaaS services for many different reasons.

So I work with you to understand how your sales messages can target your customers.

When promoting SaaS products, possible benefits you could point to include:

  • Benefits to end users – from ease of use to the ability to do a job at any location or any device
  • Reduced pressure on the IT team – as cloud technologies reduce the maintenance burden
  • Financial benefits – including the ability to move IT expenditure from capex to opex
  • Transformative benefits – including the ability to attract and retain employees by updating their tech.

I can help you to articulate these messages – and more – while adding personality, keeping jargon to a minimum, and writing in a tone that suits your business.

Content for clients at different stages

As a marketer or a product manager for a SaaS company, you’re dealing with a client base who is used to going online to search for the products and services they want.

So you need different kinds of content to attract them at each stage of the customer journey.

These might include:

  • Product and service landing pages
  • In-depth product pages
  • Pricing pages which clearly set out how much you charge
  • Quick-fire testimonials and longer-form case studies
  • Marketing emails to help promote specific campaigns and events
  • Knowledge base articles which tell both prospects and clients how to use your service – and help with on-boarding too.

I can help you write each of these content types.

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SaaS copywriting: the benefits
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