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When you're looking for a writer or editor in a specialist niche, consider me. Here's why

As a content marketer, are you struggling to find a writer with experience in your niche? If so, don’t worry; it’s a common complaint, and an understandable one.

After all, in any business sector, you know you need a writer who can understand the challenges your clients face, so you can write relevantly and engagingly for them.

But there’s a problem – and it’s a big one. And that’s this: the smaller the niche, the lower the chances of finding a writer with deep knowledge about it.

If this is a concern for you, please consider commissioning me for your project. Not because I’ve necessarily spent years writing for your particular sub-sector, but because I’m a hugely experienced B2B writer who may well have come across something similar before.

Personally, I’ve worked (directly or indirectly) for clients in technology, sustainability, law, professional services, health care, the charity sector, sport, business machines, energy and transport – to name just a few.

Off the top of my head, I’ve written about cloud, networking, cyber-security, phones, foreign languages, hosting services, music, dotcom startups, Mediterranean peninsulas, the science of sleep, and many, many more topics.

I’ve written for CEOs, senior executives, techies, graduates, students, IT users, airline travellers and national newspaper readers.

Meeting your specialist needs

So how did I managed to write well for those sectors, without being a specialist in many of them?

The answer is threefold: first, my benefit-led process; second, my belief in doing the research; and third, a golden rule I’ve learned from all those years of experience.

  • First, the process. As a copywriter, I understand how important it is to articulate the benefits of a product or service even before writing about it.Articulating benefits means you have to understand the challenges that your audience faces. So the more you, the marketer, know about your audience and how your product benefits them, the better the copy will be.
  • Second, the research. It’s important to look a bit deeper if you want to write engagingly. Sometimes, that means desk research; at other times, it might mean interviewing your in-house expert.In other words, you don’t hire a writer who knows about your topic; you hire a writer who can interview the person in your business who knows about the topic.
  • And as for that golden rule? Well, if you’re reading this far, chances are you know it already. It’s the importance of putting yourself in the reader’s shoes – of asking the questions you think the reader would ask, of unpicking the layers of what looks simple but isn’t, so you can present them as clearly as you can.

If you can find a copywriter who can do that well, then your writing might end up looking as if it’s written by a specialist after all. So why not give me a try?

Some of the brands I’ve written for
In professional services, I’ve written for clients such as Freshfields and Grant Thornton; in finance, I’ve written copy for brands such as Aviva, Barclays, Britannia, Co-operative Insurance, Hiscox, Lloyds and Nationwide; in travel, I’ve written for brands including Air New Zealand, East Midlands Trains and Emirates.

See my technology copywriting page for some of the clients I’ve written for in that sector.

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