Case study copywriting

Support sales and nurture leads with a portfolio of case studies

Practical and authentic, case studies are the unsung heroes of content marketing. But you need the right case study copywriter to make them work.

The good news? I’m a specialist case study copywriter for technology and B2B – and I can help you get the most from your case study marketing.

Why use case studies in your marketing?

The Content Marketing Institute ranks case studies as the most effective content type at achieving specific goals.

That’s because, alone among content formats, case studies tell a crafted story from your client’s point of view.

Commissioning a case study helps provide the social proof that makes it easier for a client to say yes.

Creating a case study portfolio

To be effective, a marketing case study can’t act alone. Ideally, it should be part of a case study portfolio – a set of case studies that together show how you help your clients.

For more on building an effective case study portfolio, see my step-by-step guide to case studies. This handy guide helps you work out how to make case studies work best for you.

Then, when you’re ready to commission your first case study, please get in touch.

Why use this service?

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Case studies: how I help

As an experienced case study writer, I’m here to make life easier for you. I offer:

  • A clear process for you, the marketer. My clear, easy-to-follow process makes it easy to get case studies started, created and signed off.
  • Goal-focused copywriting. There are many different ways to structure case studies. I’ll help you create a structure that works for your marketing goals.
  • Interviewing expertise. I’m skilled at the art of the interview – putting your client at their ease and getting the info you need.

With my help, you can crack through case studies and – use them to meet your content marketing goals.

How much does copywriting and editing cost?

Copywriting and editing are bespoke services, so I quote individually for all projects. Here are some typical services I offer:

2-page case study
£ ask
3-page case study
£ ask
Web-first case study
£ ask

All prices are indicative. For copywriting services, price includes first draft in Word, plus unlimited revisions within 15 days of first draft, within scope of original brief. No travel is included. Subject to terms.