Web copywriting

Build or refresh the core pages of your website – to improve your brand's digital presence

Core web content is essential for any organisation – whether you’re a large enterprise or an SME. So you need a web copywriter you can trust.

When a client hears about your brand or product, practically the first thing they will do is search for it online – so you need core pages to work hard, sell your benefits and answer any questions your readers may have.

All too often, however, web pages don’t answer clients’ questions well enough.

That’s often because the content focuses on what you do or how your product works – but doesn’t clearly say how this helps your client.

Why use this service?

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Web pages: how I help

As a web page copywriter, I focus on writing web pages that answer the questions the reader wants to know. This helps build your brand’s credibility and can encourage readers to become buyers.

Of course, answering client questions involves input from you – so I’ll also work with you to help define what questions that need answering and the best way of organising your content.

On-page SEO, written by a pro

Writing on-page SEO copy is a skill. Yes, you want search engines to understand that you’re providing high-quality content that meets customer needs.

But when a client comes across your web page in search engine, you also need them to be attracted by what they see – and to click through.

That way, customers with a business need will be able to search for it, find you – and have their needs met when they reach your site.

A key part of this is hand-crafting metadata – so that when people search for keywords, they see your professionally written page summary as part of search engine results. This should improve your conversions from organic search.

How much does copywriting and editing cost?

Copywriting and editing are bespoke services, so I quote individually for all projects. Here are some typical services I offer:

Starter site
£ ask
Essential site
£ ask
Bespoke web pages
£ ask

All prices are indicative. For copywriting services, price includes first draft in Word, plus unlimited revisions within 15 days of first draft, within scope of original brief. No travel is included. Subject to terms.