Email copywriting

Nurture your mailing list or write transactional emails, with help from a freelance copywriter

Want to make your email campaign a success? Choosing the right email copywriter can help – by refining copy from the first subject line to the final call to action.

So if you’re promoting an event, nurturing a list or writing automated copy, it pays to approach a freelance writer.

With email, as with all copywriting, the secret is to target copy at the right stage of the customer’s journey through your marketing.

But different businesses use email in different ways. So you need a copywriter who can listen to your needs and those of your clients. That way, you can target copy as tightly as you can.

If you’re looking for a copywriter who’ll work with you to fit email copy to client needs, please get in touch.

Why use this service?

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Email copywriting: how I help

As an experienced freelance copywriter, I can help you to:

  • Create automated emails. When you’re sending automated emails, they should match your client’s circumstances. Miss the mark, and you cause confusion. So I work to understand your customer journey before starting to write.
  • Promote events or campaigns. When you’re promoting an event or campaign, you need emails for every point in the customer journey. I help you to make sure your emails fit neatly into your campaign.
  • Create regular content, on deadline. By providing links to engaging content regularly, you can start to build credibility with prospects. I can also help you create email content to an editorial calendar.

To make sure the tone stays consistent, I can also write the landing pages to help take the client through email to conversion.

How much does copywriting and editing cost?

Copywriting and editing are bespoke services, so I quote individually for all projects. Here are some typical services I offer:

Content promo
£ ask
Event package
£ ask
Bespoke package
£ ask

All prices are indicative. For copywriting services, price includes first draft in Word, plus unlimited revisions within 15 days of first draft, within scope of original brief. No travel is included. Subject to terms.