B2B product sheets and flyers

Clarify product benefits for your client – to help win the sale

In B2B, product pages and flyers are an essential sales and marketing tool.

Clients want to see a simple document that drills down to the key benefits of a particular product or service – whether that’s in print, in PDF or on the web.

Give them the document they need, articulate the benefits clearly, and the sales process becomes simpler and easier for everyone.

Copy to suit your sales style

As an experienced B2B copywriter, I write product pages to suit many different sales styles.

If you use channel marketing, then the classic, two-page product PDF can work well. Your account managers can email benefit-led PDFs for each product that your client is interested in – and if you like, you can tailor multiple PDFs to specific industries or sectors, which is harder to achieve on the web.

If you focus on inbound marketing, you might prefer to keep your product pages available on the web as HTML pages. This allows you to update content more quickly – while using your product pages as landing pages for both organic and paid search. However, it’s more difficult to tailor web product pages to different sectors or industries.

For larger businesses, a combination of HTML and PDF is likely to work best.

Finally, for traditional events (at least, when these start happening again) the one-page print flyer is a quick way to distil service benefits to their bare essentials – while adapting messaging on the fly to suit a particular sub-sector.

Why use this service?

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Product sheets: how I help

Regardless of sales style, I focus above all on selling the benefits. So if you choose me to write your product sheets, service pages or flyers, I won’t just be parroting a list of your product’s features.

Instead, I’ll create benefit-led content that echoes the key messages your tech sales team will be delivering – in order to reinforce vital, client-facing points that could lead to a high-value sale.

Of course, this means having an understanding of not only your technology, but also the people buying it and using it – and as an experienced copywriter, I work to help make that happen.

How much will this cost?

Copywriting and editing are bespoke services, so I quote individually for all projects. That said, here are some sample prices to help you plan your budget:

1-page flyer
£ 295
2-page product sheet
£ 525
Product web pages
£ ask

All prices are indicative. For copywriting services, price includes first draft in Word, plus unlimited revisions within 15 days of first draft, within scope of original brief. No travel is included. Subject to terms.