UK copywriter for B2B companies

Need a UK copywriter for B2B? Someone who’s an expert in British English – and can help write or edit your content? I may be the right choice.


As an experienced B2B copywriter, I’m delighted to work for businesses across the world. And wherever you are, there can be good reasons for dealing with a copywriter based within the UK.

Whether you’re a startup or a multinational, I help you to sell the benefits of your services. I’m experienced in writing for technology companies and B2B businesses.

If you’re a client inside the UK

If you’re based in the UK, it’s easy to use me as your copywriter. I’m based in south-east England, not far from Brighton, and often work for businesses in London, the south and the south-west. 

I’m not registered for UK VAT, which makes accounting simple for UK businesses, and should reduce up-front costs.

Just fill out my web form to let me know how I can help you with your B2B copywriting or copy-editing.

If you like, you can include a landline phone number or, when Covid-19 restrictions allow, meet in London or Brighton to talk about a project you have in mind.

If you’re a client outside the UK

What if you’re not in the UK yourself or work for a non-UK company? It can take extra trust to deal with a freelancer who’s not in your own country – even when you believe that a copywriter is best placed to serve your audience.

But rest assured: I’ve worked for businesses outside the UK many times – including France, Germany and the US.

You might be choosing me because of my ability as a technical copywriter, because of my B2B expertise, or even because I can localise your US content into UK English.

If so, here are some advantages of dealing with a UK copywriter like me.

A UK copywriter is ideal when you’re targeting a UK audience

Sometimes, to cut through with your audience, it can be useful to commission someone in the same location as your clients. That way, your writer­ can understand their culture, priorities and needs.

UK localisation, for example, is particularly useful if you’re a technology company based in the US. Don’t assume that “English” is the same in the US and UK and you don’t need to devote budget to localisation.

In fact, UK customers and service users often find US English expressions and spellings distracting or even harmful to the user experience.

I may be a UK copywriter, but I have a global outlook

As an expert in English, I have the skills to help teams communicate in the language of business and commerce.

But as an editor, my interest in languages also means I’m often able to spot what a writer might mean they make common mistakes – or when the meaning in English is not quite what the writer intended.

I have great respect for people who can write successfully in a second language – and I’m delighted to work with subject specialists to help make an English document as clear as it can be.

And, of course, I’m happy to edit into different global styles of English, as your organisation requires.

Buying UK services is easier than you might think

It may not seem that way – but if you’re buying most UK services after Brexit, then (at time of writing) things should be quite simple in practice: 

  • There should be no duties to pay on services to the EU from the UK. 
  • If you’re in the EU, I understand that you account for VAT in your own country as if you are the supplier of the services, using the “reverse charge”. This should apply regardless of my own VAT status. 

Of course, this isn’t legal or financial advice; by all means speak to your accountancy team if you need to.

Meanwhile, the UK remains a trusted place to do business: Transparency International ranks the UK 11th in its perception index out of 180 countries, and the score has improved since 2012.

So don’t be concerned about dealing with a UK copywriter just because of Brexit. Fill out my web form to find out how I can help.