White paper copywriting

Give clients info they won’t get anywhere else
– by commissioning a white paper from an experienced copywriter.

It’s one of the best known lead generation tactics in B2B content marketing.

First, create a PDF white paper on a topic that your potential clients want to know about.

Then, in return for the white paper, ask potential leads to send you their contact details – so you can start a meaningful business relationship with them in the weeks and months to come.

Sounds simple. But to succeed, the white paper you offer must also deliver on the promise you make when you promote it.

By creating a high-quality white paper with info that clients can’t get anywhere else, you don’t only generate leads – you also start to nurture them and demonstrate your credibility as a business.

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White papers: how I help

I can help you meet your white paper challenges, including:

Idea development
A strong white paper should be based on a strongly developed idea – so you can offer clients relevant info they can’t find elsewhere. We’ll help you turn good ideas into white papers that work.

Fact-based reporting
If your white paper isn’t based on facts, you lose credibility when people come to read it. So whether you’re reporting on an independent survey you’ve commissioned or offering a guide to an industry trend, we help make sure your white paper is accurate and credible.

Structure and style
Structuring a line of argument over 5–10 pages is difficult to do – and when non-writers try it, the results usually aren’t pretty. So, please, don’t ask your technologist or in-house subject specialist to write your white paper. Get me to interview them instead.

End-to-end content
Creating a white paper is only half the battle. You may also need promotional content for social media, plus a landing page that encourages people to download. I can offer this as part of a lead generation package.

With my help, you can make your white paper a reality – and start generating leads.

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Fact file: white papers

Objective: Generate leads while building brand credibility
Tactic: Engage potential leads with the promise of high-quality content – and deliver on the promise
Format: Usually PDF
Length: Typically 1,500 to 3,000 words, plus a landing page and promotional copy

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