Case study copywriting

Grow your business with case studies that make it easier for customers to say yes.

When potential customers evaluate your marketing materials, they’re looking for proof that you can do what you say you can do. A set of professionally written case studies will give them that evidence – and the confidence they need to buy.

I write case studies that can inspire your customers’ confidence in you, to help your business grow.

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The case study process

The best case studies result from authentic interviews with satisfied clients – but getting people to agree to be interviewed, and persuading them to sign off on the copy in a timely way, isn’t always as easy it should be.

So I offer end-to-end help with the whole case-study process, from qualifying interviewees to conducting phone interviews to arranging sign-off.

By outsourcing the whole process to your copywriter, you get the peace of mind that your case studies are being looked after properly – and getting the attention they deserve.

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Case study formats

I write case studies in a range of formats, to suit your sector and business need:

Technology case studies.
If you’re a large technology or B2B company, you often need case studies written in a strict format, with headings such as “Background”, “Situation”, “Solution”, “Results” and “Benefits”. I can write to this case study format, and help make it more engaging by supplying an effective headline and summary text.

Magazine-style case studies.
Stricter case study formats can sometimes be too rigid for your needs. So I also offer case studies that resemble a magazine-style profile or interview. This format works particularly well when a named client is happy to be interviewed and photographed.

Confused by the options? I offer advice on the best case study format to use to meet your business goals – and ways to adapt your choice to make it more engaging and accessible for your target market. So do get in touch if you have any questions.

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Case study editing

Do you have case studies or testimonials on your website that aren’t up to scratch? If so, you’re losing potential customers – but it might only take a matter of hours to sort it out.

Just drop me a line with a link to the documents, and I’ll give you a quick analysis of what needs to be done and how much work it will take to fix.

For a relatively tiny slice of your budget, you end up with professionally rewritten case studies that will instil confidence in your customers – helping them make the decision to buy.

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