Technology copywriting

Educate clients, minimise jargon, and sell the benefits of your technology services

“How can you help us?” That’s the question in the mind of every client in the IT sector, whether they’re hardened techies or senior execs. And as an experienced technology copywriter, my role is to help you answer it.

From cloud services to cyber-security to networking, I help you unpick the benefits of the services you sell – so you can articulate why clients should buy.

As a technology copywriting specialist, I don’t just take a brief and disappear off to write. Instead, I seek to spend time with you and your in-house technologists, over the phone or online, until I understand your product and your goals.

Usually, this means understanding the challenges of your end client, to develop a complete picture of how your service makes their life easier – and how your technology feeds into the picture.

That’s why I:

  • Sell the benefits of your technology product or service, helping you educate clients and grow your business
  • Add context and personality to IT copywriting, helping inspire clients to buy
  • Keep jargon to a minimum, so non-tech decision-makers can understand you
  • Write in a tone of voice that suits your business.

Content for all stages of the marketing funnel

In technology marketing, you find yourself needing to create content in different formats for all stages of your marketing funnel.

In the tech sector alone, I have experience writing and editing case studies; product pages; landing pages; fact sheets; brochures; courses; blog posts; advertorials; white papers; marketing emails; and many more kinds of copy too. I’ve also provided copy for infographics; microcopy and metadata (naturally); and more.

Work with me, and I’ll help you bring the best from your technology and ICT copywriting – to meet your business needs.

Technology copywriting: the topics I cover

As an IT and technology copywriter, I’ve written about a vast range of topics. These include cloud services, whether SaaS, IaaS or PaaS; hosting services; cyber-security services; networking services; and many more.

As long as you’re able to provide a brief about your service and how it benefits your clients, I can help you articulate those benefits relevantly and engagingly.

Some of the clients I’ve written for

I’ve written copy for a huge range of client brands in the IT sector, for both B2B and B2C audiences.

These include big-name brands such as BT, Carphone Warehouse, HP and PC World Business; enterprise technology specialists such as Backbase and Jisc; plus plenty of smaller technology companies.

Get in touch

Ready to start the conversation? Feel free to get in touch. I look forward to hearing how I can help.

Technology copywriting: the benefits
USB cable to illustrate technology copywriting
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