Technology copywriting for Euronext

How Chris Alden helped Euronext, the financial market firm, raise awareness of its Market Solutions technology brand

Chris Alden, freelance copywriter

When you’re targeting a C-level audience via direct mail, it’s vital to make sure your key messages are consistent and tightly defined.

So when Euronext’s marketing team asked Chris Alden to write a hardback brochure and sales letter, to help raise awareness of its Market Solutions technology business, Chris took a strategic approach to the content project.

From tone to concept

Chris first worked with Euronext to establish the brochure’s tone of voice.

Using a simple adjective-selection exercise, he helped the Market Solutions team identify high-level themes that would be reflected in the language used.

During this process, it became clear that the Market Solutions team relied above all on its clients’ trust – so Chris suggested adopting this theme as the basis for the brochure messaging.

Because busy CEOs would not have time to read large amounts of copy, the concept focused on developing a series of short, customer-focused messages – often just a few words to a page – to demonstrate this theme of “trust” directly.

From storyboard to brochure

After helping refine the concept, Chris drafted a storyboard – working with Euronext’s designers to suggest imagery consistent with the messaging, and sketching out how the brochure would “flow” from page to page.

The Market Solutions team refined these suggestions still further, until a storyboard was agreed.

With the concept and storyboard in place, the final stage of the brochure process – writing the copy – became relatively straightforward, and the text was agreed after the second draft.

Writing the sales letter

As well as helping develop the brochure concept and storyboard, Chris wrote a short sales letter, pitching the benefits of using Euronext Market Solutions in a straightforward, CEO-to-CEO way.

The letter introduced the theme of “trust” – pointing out that as Euronext uses its own Market Solutions technology itself, the company could recommend it with confidence to market operators around the world.


Making technology sales in the financial sector is a long process – but the book has already helped to initiate a number of discussions.

Months after the initial direct mailing, the brochure is still in use by the Euronext Market Solutions sales team.

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